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Graham Whitehead

Full Name:
Alfred Graham Whitehead
15th April 1922
Harrogate, Yorkshire
15th January 1981 (Aged 58)
Lower Basildon, Berkshire
Most recent race (in database):

Peter Whitehead’s half-brother made his racing debut in the 1949 International Trophy at Silverstone driving his more famous sibling’s pre-war ERA R10B. Graham Whitehead continued to race that chassis in national events during 1950.

He was running fourth in the 1951 International Trophy when heavy rain forced it to be abandoned. Despite the leader having completed just six laps, Whitehead had the best result of his Formula 1 career. The world championship switched to Formula 2 rules in 1952 and Whitehead drove an Alta in the British Grand Prix. He qualified 12th and ran in the midfield throughout to finish in that position.

He made the first of seven starts at Le Mans in 1953 but was eliminated at around 7.30am when his Bristol 450 caught fire with Whitehead at the wheel. Those appearances only included one finish when the privately-entered Aston Martin DB3S he shared with his brother outlasted the works cars to finish second in 1958.

They were partners again three months later when driving a Jaguar in the Tour de France Automobile. Graham was at the wheel when he crashed into a ravine near Lasalle in southern France. Graham escaped unscathed but Peter Whitehead was killed.

It was a devastating blow for Whitehead but he continued to race at Le Mans until 1960 before retiring from the sport at the end of the following season.