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Cuth Harrison

Full Name:
Thomas Cuthbert Harrison
6th July 1906
Ecclesall, Sheffield, Yorkshire
21st January 1981 (Aged 74)
Sheffield, Yorkshire
Most recent race (in database):

Cuth Harrison entered the motor trade in 1931 when he opened a small repair shop in Sheffield. He proved an infectious salesman and the company he founded remains successful long after his death.

Grand Prix privateer

He started racing a Riley after World War II but it was with ERAs that he became more readily associated – buying the ex-Richard Seaman ERA R1B and Earl Howe’s R8B in 1947. He relieved Bob Gerard to finish fourth in that year’s Belgian Grand Prix and was sixth in the 1949 Italian GP with the latter chassis.

It was updated to "C" specification and fitted with a Rootes supercharger when Harrison entered three world championship GPs during 1950. Seventh in the inaugural such race at Silverstone, Harrison was eliminated at Monaco a week later when part of the opening lap crash at Tabac. He was second in the non-championship British Empire Trophy on the Isle of Man but retired once again from the Italian GP at Monza.

Career in the motor trade

This forthright Yorkshireman and Gerard became known for their cut-and-thrust battles in national events before Harrison quit racing to concentrate on establishing his Ford dealership. Even then, he continued to compete in trials with his sons and self-built Ford-based specials known as Harfords. He won the 1952 RAC Championship.

The T.C.Harrison Group remains in family hands today with his grandsons on the board of directors.

Championship seasons

Season Name Starts Poles Podiums Wins Position Points
1950 F1 World Championship
Cuth Harrison
3 0 0 0
0% win rate