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Alberto Crespo

Full Name:
Alberto Augusto Crespo
16th January 1920
Belgrano, Buenos Aires
14th August 1991 (Aged 71)
Buenos Aires
Most recent race (in database):

Alberto Crespo was associated with the sport in Argentina throughout his life. Very briefly, he attempted to take centre stage by racing in Europe for just one season – 1952. With the World Championship switched to Formula 2 rules at short notice, Crespo drove a limited schedule of both Formula 1 and F2 that year.

European racing season

His European bow was with a works Gordini at Albi. Attention was on the BRM team’s belated debut but while it failed – despite Juan Manuel Fangio and José Froilán González driving – their compatriot Crespo came home in an unlapped fourth position.

He drove an Escudera Bandeirantes Maserati at Comminges and works F1 Talbot at Boreham before completing the year in Enrico Platé’s team. Crespo entered the Italian Grand Prix in the latter’s modified Maserati 4CLT/48 but failed to qualify by 0.7 seconds. A final appearance of the season at Cadours ended in retirement and his European adventure was over.

South American career

Crespo had started racing in his homeland in 1948 when competing in the marathon road races that predominated at the time. With circuit racing increasingly popular, he was a regular with an Alfa Romeo after returning from Europe until its engine broke in 1955.

He formed camshaft specialists Levas Crespo in 1964 and later worked as an administrator in the sport in Argentina.

Championship seasons

Season Name Starts Poles Podiums Wins Position Points
1952 F1 World Championship
Enrico Plate
0 (1) 0 0 0 0