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Gueux, Champagne-Ardenne

Reims was a spectacular, triangular road course that used the public roads to the west of the town. The circuit was also very fast and races were often decided by slipstreaming battles. The quest for greater speed led the organisers to cut down trees and demolish houses to ease the corners. The village of Gueux was bypassed by a new section of permanent circuit in 1952 and an extension to the new Virage de Muizon was added a year later. Run by the flamboyant Raymond "Toto" Roche for the Automobile Club de Champagne, Reims was the dominant French circuit during the 1950s and 1960s. During this period an international 12-hour sports car race was also run at the French GP meeting. But financial and political problems forced Reims to close in 1970, although the old, decaying pits can still be seen. The 1925 Grand Prix de la Marne was held on a 13-mile road course to the east of the town.