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Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide was hailed as the best temporary road course in the world when it opened in 1985. The Grand Prix held there revelled in an end-of-season party atmosphere and was universally popular. Its organisers were shocked, however, when Melbourne snatched the right to stage the event starting in 1996. But a shorter 2-mile circuit reopened in 1999 for historic races and the national staple of touring car events. The original GP circuit was restored for the unique Race of a Thousand Years held for American Le Mans Series sports cars. The race started on 31st December 2000, and finished on the first day of the New Year. It was here that Allan McNish was confirmed as 2000 ALMS champion. Adelaide’s startline and pits are set in Victoria Park that had also included a horse racecourse. The remainder of the lap is made up of the surrounding streets, including the fast Dequetteville Terrace (known as Brabham Straight on race day), where Nigel Mansell suffered his Championship-losing puncture in 1986.