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1932 Non-championship

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Another year and another classic new design from Alfa Romeo. The major rule change for 1932 was one of duration once more, with five hours now specified.

Mercedes-Benz temporarily withdrew from the sport so Alfa added Rudolf Caracciola to its driver line-up and initial tensions were eased when the German followed incumbent star Tazio Nuvolari home at Monaco. They both drove an 8C “Monza” that day before the dominant Vittorio Jano-penned Tipo-B (immediately known as the “P3”) was introduced for the Italian GP at Monza. Nuvolari won again and its cars then finished 1-2-3 in the French (Nuvolari winning) and German GPs (Caracciola to the fore).

There were slim pickings for both Maserati and Bugatti. Luigi Fagioli was second in Italy for the former and Louis Chiron steered a Bugatti T51 to victory at the Masaryk GP at Brno when Alfa Romeo entered 8Cs.