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1924 Non-championship

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Vittorio Jano designed a new supercharged eight-cylinder Alfa Romeo – the P2 – and it proved to be the class of the 1924 Grand Prix field. Antonio Ascari dominated the French GP at Lyon before engine failure on the last lap handed victory to team-mate Giuseppe Campari. There was no such disappointment for Ascari at Monza where he led an Alfa Romeo 1-2-3-4.

The next most competitive machine in France was the Delage 2LCV – Albert Divo and Robert Benoist finishing second and third in the V12-powered machine. Henry Segrave’s Sunbeam led the early laps that day before finishing fifth. The Englishman then scored his second major victory in the San Sebastian GP when Alfa Romeo was absent.

Bugatti introduced its soon-to-be famous T35 at Lyon but the normally aspirated engine initially lacked the power to challenge its supercharged rivals in a straight fight. Meo Costantini’s second place finish at San Sebastian was the marque’s best GP finish during 1924.

Mercedes returned to Grand Prix racing but Count Louis Zborowski was killed after crashing at Lesmo during the Italian GP.